Current Revision
EIA/IPC/JEDEC-J-STD-075 - Revision A - Standard Only
Classification of Passive and Solid State Devices for Assembly Processes

EIA/IPC/JEDEC J-STD-075 picks up where J-STD-020 left off by providing test methods to classify worst-case thermal process limitations for electronic components. Classification is referenced to common industry wave and reflow solder profiles including lead-free processing. The classifications represent maximum process sensitivity levels and do not establish rework conditions or recommended processes for an assembler. IPC JEDEC J-STD-075A outlines a process to classify and label non-semiconductor electronic component’s Process Sensitivity Level (PSL) and Moisture Sensitivity Level (MSL) consistent with the semiconductor industry’s classification levels (J-STD-020, Moisture/Reflow Sensitivity Classification for Nonhermetic Solid State Devices and J-STD-033, Handling, Packing, Shipping and Use of Moisture/Reflow Sensitive Surface Mount Devices). Developed by ECIA, IPC and JEDEC.

Published Date
DoD Adopted
ANSI Approved